Big Sean

Big Sean Talks ‘Yeezus,’ Eminem, & Naya Rivera on ‘The Breakfast Club’

Big Sean didn’t break a sweat during his return appearance to Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday. The Detroit rapper shared his thoughts on Yeezus and his conversation with Kanye following the birth of his daughter.

He also talked about working with Eminem, buying his mom a house, his girlfriend Naya Rivera, and his upcoming album Hall of Fame, due August 27.

Read highlights from the interview below.

On Yeezus: “As far as the album goes, it ain’t my favorite Kanye West album, but I do think it’s fresh. I think it’s an awesome album.”

On working with Eminem: “There’s gonna be a Big Sean-Eminem song. I don’t know if it’s gonna be on my album, it might be for something that we got planned later on… He’s a true OG. I don’t know if there’s any misconceptions about Eminem, but that dude’s real polite, real nice.

He said, ‘I haven’t been this impressed in so long with somebody’s album. Even though I knew you could rap, you really gonna do something big with this.’ That was just an honor. Coming from the D, that was the person that showed us that it was real.”

On buying his mom a house: “That was one of my life-long goals, so to do that at 25, it was just cool to see the look on her face. I bought her the car she wanted [a red Cadillac], I bought her the house she wanted.”

On his girlfriend Naya Rivera: He noticed that she started following him on Twitter. “I sent her a DM,” said Sean, who asked her on a date. “She treat me like a king,” he said. “She treat me with the utmost respect. She go out of her way for me and I appreciate that.”

On Kanye West: “He’s involved with Hall of Fame, but Kanye isn’t always right all the time. I take his advice with consideration. One of the lessons I learned was to always follow my heart. I always loved ‘Switch Up,’ I always loved ‘Beware,’ and ‘Guap’ was one of the songs that he thought, ‘Yo, come with this!’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know about coming with this first.’ … I love that song, but I feel like that song should have come at a certain time.”