Video: Karmin – ‘Acapella’

Karmin brings a whole lot of attitude and swag to their video for “Acapella.” Amy and Nick rock color-coordinated outfits in the Hype Williams-inspired clip. They dance in front of a red Mercedes SLS in one scene, perform choreographed moves in blue, and match the green accessories to their green outfits.

“The video for ‘Acapella’ is visually something we’ve always wanted to put out,” the duo told Cosmopolitan. “Our first few major label videos didn’t totally capture who Karmin is. We had people around us at the time who tried to steer the Karmin ship a certain way, so it feels good to create something like this where we are at the helm and can really be proud of. The video definitely pays homage to the ’90s videos we grew up with and are still inspired by today.”

Karmin’s full-length album is due in September on Epic Records. They are currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers.

Step into their colorful world below.