M.I.A. Brings the Noize to Montreal

M.I.A. returned to the stage for her first North American gig this year. The pop rebel debuted an electrifying new stage show at Montreal’s Métropolis on Wednesday. She opened with her new songs “Only 1 U” and “Bring the Noize” off her upcoming album Matangi, and performed fan favorites including “Bucky Done Gun,” “Bad Girls,” and “Paper Planes.”

One concertgoer shared their wild experience. “She fell on my head. Best show i’ve seen so far this year,” they wrote on YouTube.

She will play the Pitchfork Music Festival 2013 in Chicago this weekend, while her fourth album is due this fall.

Watch Matangi light up the stage in Montreal.

“Only 1 U”

“Bring the Noize”

“Bucky Done Gun”



Photo credit: patrickcoterey