Beyoncé Gets Her Hair Stuck in a Fan, Writes ‘Halo’ Parody About It

First she gave a fan the holy ghost. And now a fan has snatched her hair.

Beyoncé was performing “Halo” in Montreal on Monday night when her hair got stuck in a fan mid-song. But always the professional, she continued performing while her team tried to untangle her. A crew member eventually cut her hair and freed her locks.

She later laughed it off by writing a parody of “Halo” inspired by the incident. “Gravity can’t begiiiin to pull me out of the fan again/ I felt my hair was yankiiiiin/ From the fan that’s always hatiiiin,” she joked.

She summed it up: “I got snatched, ‘2 snaps,’ goodnight all.”

Her sister Solange saw the video and had a good laugh. “Ha! Love this gul so much,” she said of her big sis.

Watch Bey’s crazy fan encounter below.

Halo Parody