Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Pens ‘Versace’ Remix

Frank Ocean is giving us his own take on “Versace,” minus the audio. The channel ORANGE crooner has posted lyrics via his blog to a remix of Migos’ song, in which he makes several revelations.

Frank, who won the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album over Chris Brown and Miguel, takes a shot at the competition, rapping, “You could stay seated, I’m taking that Grammy/ Your music is sloppy/ Ni**as is heated, they keep on repeating the evening/ In slow mo.”

He recounts having a conversation with Madonna, Beyoncé, Donatella Versace, and Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci at the Met Ball about social media. “We was all at the table/ It was a debate/ Then we came in agreement/ That Twitter ain’t relevant really/ I’m finna delete it.”

Earlier this month, Frank deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

He says that he’s not trying to rush to release a single and sympathizes with artists who can’t handle the fame and “go loopy.”

And there’s plenty more to read into, including this line: “You had you a lady then she hurt your ego/ Now you can’t forgive her.”

Read the full lyrics below.

Versace Remix