Melissa Forde and Rihanna

Rihanna’s Hilarious Popcorn Spill at VMAs

One of the most hilarious moments during the VMAs did not happen on stage. Rihanna was sitting in her seat dancing to Drake when she knocked a bucket of popcorn into her friend Melissa Forde’s lap. She scrambled to clean up the mess by scooping a fistful of the popcorn and looking for a place to dispose of it.

So she decided to put it under the seat of one unsuspecting girl in front of her who was dancing. But when her friend noticed, RiRi told her to keep quiet and continued dancing in her chair.

MTV’s multi-camera feed caught the moment and aired it during the live stream (You can also catch One Direction’s Harry Styles eating an orange behind RiRi).

Watch RiRi get caught in the act.