Drake Opens Up to Angie Martinez About YMCMB, Competition, & Finding Love

  /  09.24.2013


Drake was in “rare form” (his words) during his appearance on “The Angie Martinez Show” on Tuesday. The Toronto MC kicked off his album release day with a visit to Hot 97 and discussed everything from Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse to finding a “strong female counterpart.”

He shared his bond with Jaden Smith, who inspired his recent shirt, and his deep respect for Jay Z and Kanye West. He gave credit to Rick Ross for coming up with the phrase “YOLO” and addressed his relationship with YMCMB.

While he remained humble, he was confident about his latest work. “I do have the best album of the year though,” he said of Nothing Was the Same.

Angie suggested some potential love interests for the eligible bachelor including Kerry Washington, Halle Berry, Teyana Taylor, and Serena Williams. Find out which lady piqued his interest.

On Instagram: “I’ve become an Instagram sensation. I’m quite the talk on Instagram, which I don’t mind. I’m always down to laugh at myself.”

On YOLO: “Originally it was just a Rick Ross ad lib on Take Care [“Lord Knows”]. I took it and made it into a song. I texted him and I was like, ‘Yo, I got a song out of that ad lib that you gave me,’ and he was like, ‘Alright, cool.’ It’s pretty much Ross that came up with it.”

On his relationship with YMCMB: “In this block of years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve become my own man, my own entity, and I formed OVO. I support Young Money-Cash Money everywhere I go. I talk to Stunna [Birdman] almost every day. Wayne’s a busy guy, but when we see each other, it’s always good vibes, it’s always love.”

On a potential rap battle: “It would have to be warranted because it would be scathing. The bars would be scathing. I can’t be the first one.”

On Kendrick’s “Control” verse: “It just wasn’t real to me. I saw him after that and it was just love, so was that real or was that just for the people? Those were harsh words. You can’t just say that and then see me and be like, ‘Yeah, man, what’s up?’ Pretending like nothing ever happened. To me, that’s not the nature of battling.”

On rap beef: “There’s a reason why they don’t call my name. I’m not the guy. I’m not the one. I don’t like confrontation, but I’m also not the guy, especially when it comes to rap. I’m ready.”

On Jay Z: “He’s definitely one of my favorite rappers and favorite people, period. … He’s an incredible mentor to me and gives me great guidance and is very, very supportive. The more I show and prove, that’s where the relationship grows.”

On Kanye West: “I always cite Kanye as a very inspirational guy in my life, same thing with Jay. I think I’ll forever be looking up at those guys and that’s how I want to keep it.”

On Jaden Smith: “Jaden’s like my little brother. He’s my guy. I look out for him. He’s such a good, good, good kid. They’ve done such an incredible job with him and he’s super talented and he has the brightest future I think out of anybody that I know. He’s destined for greatness.”

On finding love: “I’m ready for a strong female counterpart to share all these experiences with.”

Watch the three-part interview below.


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