Snoopzilla Makes His Debut on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Snoop Dogg brought his latest reincarnation Snoopzilla to life on Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The hip-hop superstar, who celebrated his 42nd birthday over the weekend, teamed up with Dam-Funk to debut their new group 7 Days of Funk.

With some help from a live band and Bishop Don Juan, they performed their first single “Faden Away” and another new song called “Do My Thang.”

Snoopzilla, whose name was inspired by Bootsy Collins’s moniker Bootzilla, also sat down to discuss how many blunts he smokes per day (“It’s probably about 75 now”), his cooking specialties (Chef Boyar-D-O-Double-G), and his no guns allowed stance.

On Dec. 10, 7 Days of Funk will release its self-titled debut featuring Daz, Kurupt, and Steve Arrington.

Watch Snoopzilla bring the funk to late night.