M.I.A. Performs on ‘The Colbert Report’

M.I.A. brought Matangi to “The Colbert Report” on Wednesday. After wrapping her brief U.S. tour last week, the Sri Lankan rapper performed her single “Y.A.L.A.” with a red and green effect made to look like her album cover. For the non-televised encore, she continued with “Come Walk With Me.”

She also sat down for an interview and spoke about mixing politics with her music. “I was really inspired by a lot of American artists like Bob Dylan, Public Enemy,” she said. “So about the time I put out my first song and came to America, I thought you guys were used to it already. I didn’t realize it was so shocking.”

When asked what she thinks of the U.S., she responded, “I think it’s an interesting place, adding, “In my mind, there’s no countries. We’re all one. We all live on this planet.”

Watch the guns go off when she enters the building.


“Come Walk With Me”