Chilli for PETA

TLC’s Chilli Shows Her Stripes in PETA Ad

Scrubs are not the only thing Chilli is saying no to. The TLC singer is taking a stand against circus cruelty in an ad for PETA. She sports stripes like a tiger as she poses in a cage for the campaign, entitled “Beaten, Lonely, and Abused: Boycott the Circus.” According to PETA, animals are forced to endure a lifetime of abuse and loneliness at the hands of the circus.

“There’s so much cruelty behind the scenes,” said Chilli. “They’re being mean to them to make them do this trick that everybody sees and thinks that the animal really wants to do it. And I think that everybody needs to be aware of what’s really going on.”

She is using her platform to make a difference. “I think it’s very important to use your celebrity for positive things,” she said. “If you can raise awareness to something that’s important such as this, then you should.”

Go behind the scenes of her ad below.