Big Sean and Drake

Drake Brings Out Big Sean in Detroit

Drake showed love to his Detroit fans when his tour rolled through The Palace of Auburn Hills on Monday night. Instead of rapping Big Sean’s verse like he typically does, he brought out the hometown rapper to perform “All Me.”

“If Detroit is in this motherfu**er, ya’ll better make some noise for the king right now because this ni**a put it down so hard, I swear,” said Drizzy.

Sean returned the love. “There’s only been two ni**as in this fu**in’ industry, in this fake ass, weak ass industry, that I can say that’s been as influential to me and helped me out as much as they have—that’s Kanye West and as far as rappers being real and real ass ni**as, my ni**a Drizzy Drake in this motherfu**er,” he said.

He also revealed that they are working together on his next project. “This man Drizzy Drake is gonna be a huge part of my next album,” said Sean. “And I promise that we gonna put it down in a big motherfu**in’ way.”

Drake’s “Would You Like a Tour?” wraps with one final show on Wednesday in Philadelphia.

Watch the big surprise below.

[Word on Road]