Mariah Carey and Andy Cohen

Mariah Carey Talks Eminem, New Album, & Whitney Houston on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Mariah Carey brightened up Bravo with her Christmas cheer during her visit to “Watch What Happens Live” on Sunday. The pop diva, who has the best-selling Christmas song of all time with “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” gathered around the fireplace with a fan and a glass of champagne to chat with Andy Cohen about having more kids (“If Nick could have the babies himself, then maybe”), performing at President Obama’s inauguration, and Whitney Houston.

“I would wait for the moments to be with Whitney,” said Mariah of her late friend and fellow diva. “God bless her. I miss her. I love her. And I know she’s where she needs to be. She blessed us with her angelic voice. She was here. She inspired everybody.”

It was Mariah’s decision to push back her new album The Art of Letting Go to 2014. “I really need people to understand what I’ve been through since [the injury], and if this were to be my last album, people would hear everything that they needed to hear, so I just needed to make that arc really clear,” said Mariah, who added three more songs to the project.

She revealed that she has collaborated with someone from her past, but wouldn’t say who. “There’s a collaboration that’s happening as we speak, and I’m very excited about it,” she shared. “We’ve collaborated before, but it wasn’t released as a single. I don’t want to give it away ’cause the true fans will know.”

During a game of “Plead the Fifth,” Andy asked her to say three nice things about Eminem, who she famously feuded with. Mimi threw some shade, responding, “They come in a package that you can carry wherever you go.”

Plus, find out who she gave the “Mazel of the Year” to.