Beyoncé Kisses Monkey, Feeds Tiger During Zoo Visit

Lions, tigers, and Beyoncé, oh my! To celebrate Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday, Beyoncé and Jay Z rented out a party room at Jungle Island at the Miami Zoo for a fun-filled day with animals. Queen Bey got up close with the wildlife, sharing the photos on her Tumblr page.

The “Drunk in Love” singer held a lemur and fed a white tiger from a baby bottle. With an albino python around her neck, she mean mugged for a pic.

A brave Bey also cuddled with one lucky chimpanzee, who surprised her with a kiss on the lips.

Birthday girl Blue Ivy was cute as can be in her explorer hat, while her mom treated her to cotton candy and popcorn. Bey’s cousin Angie Beyince also got in on the fun, holding parrots.

Check out Bey’s wild encounters below and see more candid pics from her New Year’s Eve celebration with Jay Z and Blue.