Ice Cube

Ice Cube Remixes Children's Book 'Goodnight Moon'

  /  01.23.2014

Ice Cube

Following the blockbuster opening of his movie Ride Along, Ice Cube has set his sights on the world of children’s literature. During his appearance on “Arsenio,” the hip-hop icon put his gangsta spin on the book Goodnight Moon. He flipped the words to the classic story, rapping about “punk ass bears,” “blunts and kush,” and “crumb snatchers everywhere.”

He also discussed his upcoming album Everythang’s Corrupt, due May 13.

“I’m talking about corruption everywhere,” said Cube. “I’m talking about a lot of youngsters done moved away from the drink and the weed. They on the pills. I talk about they gotta get off the pills and narcotics. There’s really a lot of stuff still that needs to be talked about, needs to be rapped about, and who best than Ice Cube to do it?”

An N.W.A. biopic is also in the works with director F. Gary Gray. He wants his son, rap newcomer OMG, to play a young version of himself. “I don’t want to just do it just because he’s my son. I want to do it ’cause he’s the best guy for the job,” said Cube.

Watch him bring his talents straight outta Compton and to the couch.

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