Still No Fucks Given

New Mixtape: K. Michelle – ‘Still No Fucks Given’

In lieu of flowers and chocolates, K. Michelle celebrates Valentine’s Day with her free mixtape Still No Fucks Given. Hosted by DJ Sense, the sequel to 2012’s 0 Fucks Given includes a whopping 26 tracks including remixes to Frank Ocean’s “We All Try” and even Tamar Braxton’s “She Can Have You.”

She also serenades Justin Bieber on a track named after the teen superstar. “Oh Justin Bieber, you can call me / I know that you’s a little black boy down in your soul,” she sings.

The star of VH1’s upcoming series “No New Friends” will join Robin Thicke on tour starting February 21 in Atlanta.

Download her free gift below.

Download: K. Michelle – Still No Fucks Given

Still No F*cks Given