Juicy J and Katy Perry

Video: Katy Perry f/ Juicy J – ‘Dark Horse’

She ruled the jungle as Tarzan’s wife Jane in “Roar” and for her latest video, Katy Perry rules ancient Egypt as Katy Patra. The pop superstar transforms into an Egyptian queen in the magical video for her No. 1 single “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J.

Kings travel from around the world to win her heart, but only one will be “top dawg.” They come bearing lavish gifts including diamonds, a gold chariot on hydraulics, and even a pyramid, but none are able to impress her and she turns her suitors to sand.

Katy shows off her stripper moves on the pole, Juicy J emerges from a sarcophagus, and even cuddly Boo the Dog makes a cameo.

Will anyone be able to gain her love or will they all fall victim to her wrath? Watch the epic story unfold.