Asher Roth

New Music: Asher Roth – ‘Tangerine Girl’

In the five years since his debut Asleep in the Bread Aisle, Asher Roth has been in and out of the spotlight. After releasing a series of mixtapes and scrapping his sophomore album Is This Too Orange?, the 28-year-old rapper is gearing up for the independent release of RetroHash, due April 22.

RetroHash, as a whole, is a record of renewal and self-discovery,” he told Billboard. “It’s not Asher trying to be this or that—it’s just me trying to be me.”

The project was produced entirely by Blended Babies and includes collaborations with ZZ Ward and Vic Mensa.

He will host a “live listening session” at South By Southwest on March 15 before hitting the road for four shows in Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and L.A.

Hear him vibe out on the wavy “Tangerine Girl” below.