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Frank Ocean Cuts $212,500 Check to Chipotle, Says ‘F*ck Off’

Frank Ocean is firing back at Chipotle. The “Thinkin Bout You” singer has issued a check and a snarky response to the Mexican fast-food chain following its lawsuit.

Last week, Ocean was sued by Chipotle for backing out of a deal to record a song for its ad campaign after taking payment.

Chipotle commissioned Ocean to record “Pure Imagination” for its “Scarecrow” marketing campaign to promote local and sustainably-sourced food.

He was paid $212,500 after signing onto the campaign in July 2013, with another $212,500 to be paid after he delivered the song. But on the day on the deadline, he withdrew from the campaign.

His lawyers claim that he was not initially made aware of the Chipotle branding that would be displayed in the ad, while the restaurant chain says they were upfront with him.

Chipotle sued Ocean for the $212,500 it paid him as well as additional damages to be determined at trial.

After the suit went public, Ocean reimbursed Chipotle for the original $212,500. On Monday, he posted a photo of the cashier’s check on his Tumblr page with a memo that read “Fuck Off.”

He also alluded to the legal battle by posting a link to the word “defamation” on Wikipedia.

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