New Music: 50 Cent – ‘Pilot’

50 Cent is flyer than the rest of them on “Pilot,” the latest release from his upcoming independent album Animal Ambition, due June 3. Curtis takes the opportunity to stunt about designer threads, cars, and women on the ballers’ anthem, which will be available on iTunes tonight.

“Better back up off me, bitch, watch me ball,” he raps on the catchy chorus.

50 recently opened up about his departure from Interscope Records. “Not that there wasn’t a whole lot of support, but just an actual fear factor created from the aura of respect that Jimmy [Iovine] has within the Interscope system,” he told MTV News. “When you see Interscope turn into Beats Records, where everyone that you see is actually marketing Beats headphones—you don’t even see a music video without Beats headphones in it.”

Hear Fif soar to new heights on his flashy record.