The Beygency

‘SNL’ Stans for Beyoncé in ‘Beygency’ Skit

Beyoncé runs the world, and if you disagree, your life may be in danger. “Saturday Night Live” poked fun at everyone’s obsession with the pop superstar in a film parody starring host Andrew Garfield.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star learns what happens to people who go against the Queen Bee when he mentions that he’s not a huge fan of “Drunk in Love.”

“He turned against his country, and it’s queen,” says the narrator in the four-minute trailer.

A group of secret government agents known as “The Beygency” relentlessly hunt him down to erase his identity. He encounters Rihanna stans, played by “24” stars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who try to help him escape before they are gunned down.

He is eventually thrown behind bars, where he meets a woman who was imprisoned for not dancing to “Crazy in Love” at a wedding.

Watch the dramatically hilarious trailer, which is rated NC-17 for Mild Language Against Beyoncé.