Odd Future

Odd Future Sounds Off on Solange, Justin Bieber, & Tyler, the Creator’s Arrest

The Odd Future crew brought their absurd antics to the offices of BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post while promoting the third season of their Adult Swim show “Loiter Squad” on Wednesday.

While they weren’t well received by everyone, they did charm the staff at “HuffPost Live.”

During the lively 30-minute interview, Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Taco, Jasper, and Lionel weighed in on everyone and everything—from Tyler’s arrest at SXSW to Solange’s fight with Jay Z to their use of the word “faggot.”

Tyler also revealed why his pal Justin Bieber is “fucking up bad,” and didn’t hide his admiration for his idol Pharrell Williams.

Hear the outspoken bunch sound off below.

On Solange: “You know why Solange is awesome?” asked Tyler. “I met her before and she’s just herself and she’s cool and she likes regular shit. By the way, Solange, your song ‘Crush’ has been one of my favorite songs for years.”

On the Solange and Jay Z elevator fight: “She had to get something off her chest,” said Earl, while Tyler added, “It’s entertaining, but whatever.”

On gay NFL player Michael Sam: “He had something to prove,” said Taco. “Now he’s gonna show the league that he can play football regardless of his sexuality. Who gives a fuck if he’s gay?”

On Justin Bieber: “He was cool, but now he’s hanging with the wrong crowd,” said Tyler. “He’s fucking up bad. It seems like he’s kicking it with the wrong crowd. He doing retarded shit.”

On Pharrell: “That’s my favorite shit in the world,” said Tyler.

On Tyler’s arrest for inciting a riot at SXSW: “Not only was I shocked, but [the police were too],” said Tyler. “All the police were confused, like, ‘This is so dumb. We’re wasting our time.'”