Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Debuts ‘Side Bitch’ for Weezy Wednesdays

Carter V season continues. Last week, Lil Wayne previewed his freestyle “Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune Up.” And this week it’s all about the side chicks.

In episode 14 of Weezy Wednesdays, the Young Money captain explains the difference between a regular girl and a “Side Bitch.” He then pushes play on a new song inspired by his relationships.

“I can’t wait until she my bitch / ‘Cause right now, I’m just her side bitch / She gotta ni**a she can ride with,” he raps. “Lord, I’m so tired of being her side bitch.”

The DJ Scoob Doo-directed clip ends with a contract, which outlines the terms of being a side chick.

Hear Weezy speak from experience.