One Love

New Music: Elle Varner – ‘One Love’

J. Cole is not the only one using his voice to spark change. In light of the Mike Brown shooting, Elle Varner has released her peaceful protest anthem “One Love,” inspired by “all that’s going on in the world.”

She shares a message of love and unity on the DJ Dahi production. “Imagine no one needing guns all at once, impossible maybe / But we’ve never tried it / The whole world in silence / Respecting each other, our gods, and our brothers, killin’ with kindness.”

“Over the past few tumultuous days I have prayed long and hard for Mike Brown’s family, the people of Ferguson, and the families of many others we have lost due this horrific death pattern,” said Elle, who is readying her sophomore album Four Letter Word. “With persistence, strategy, and intellect, we can not only obtain justice for Mike Brown but we can effectuate changes that will prevent these things from happening again!”

Hear her spread the love.