Lil Jon

Video: Lil Jon f/ Tyga – ‘Bend Ova’

After topping the charts with his smash “Turn Down for What,” Lil Jon unleashes more insanity in the video for “Bend Ova” featuring Tyga. In the comical clip, a kid named Tyrone creates a portal into another dimension and brings a whole lot of craziness with it. Dancers invade his living room and soon the entire family is getting in on the action.

“I had just finished watching all 222 episodes of ‘Roseanne’ and was very inspired by the ’90s sitcom format,” director Darren Craig told BuzzFeed. “I loved the idea of a sitcom that take a turns for the total absurd. The rest just sort of wrote itself—also the devil and the Illuminati made me do it.”

Watch the turn up like you’ve never seen it before.