Nicki Minaj and Ellen

Nicki Minaj Talks Wardrobe Malfunction, Reacts to Ellen’s ‘Anaconda’ Parody

It was all about Nicki Minaj and her booty when the rap queen stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday. Unlike her previous appearance, this time she covered up and even surprised Ellen with her demure wardrobe.

She admitted that she was taken aback by the success of “Anaconda,” which has over 145 million views. “I was really shocked. I was like, ‘What just happened?'” she said.

Ellen debuted her own hilarious version of the video, which prompted laughs from Nicki. “You are hilarious!” she told her.

She also addressed her wardrobe malfunction at the VMAs. Her team wasn’t able to zip up her outfit in time, so she walked on stage nearly naked. “I didn’t have any underwear on, no underwear, no bra,” said Nicki. “I was butt ass naked.”

As a joke, Ellen presented her with a large safety pin to prevent it from happening in the future.

Plus, she played a word game called “Butt Wait There’s More,” inspired by her ass.