Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Performs 'We Are Here' on 'Today'

  /  09.15.2014

Alicia Keys

A week after debuting “We Are Here” on “The Tonight Show,” Alicia Keys brought her new anthem to “Today.” While perched at a piano that read “Love,” the pregnant singer belted out the inspiring anthem and sat down to discuss her career and motherhood.

“This song gives us the opportunity to have that dialogue and start talking about what are we here to do for each other,” said Alicia.

It’s been 13 years since the 15-time Grammy winner released her debut Songs in A Minor, but she still has a lot more to do. “It’s incredible because every day is a new chance and an opportunity,” she said. “I feel like I haven’t even really gotten started.”

Her second child is due in December, and motherhood has played a pivotal role in her music. “I’ve always been an empathetic person, I’ve always related to what we’ve gone through as a humanity, but when you start seeing your kids in the mix and what they’re gonna grow up in and what they’re gonna be a part of, or how they can help change it, you get fiercer about it.”

Plus, find out what she had to say about planning Swizz Beatz’ Coming to America-inspired birthday bash.

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