Keyshia Cole

Video: Keyshia Cole - 'Heat of Passion'

  /  10.13.2014

Keyshia Cole

The saga continues. Keyshia Cole brings more drama in the cinematic video for “Heat of Passion,” which continues where her “Intro (Last Tango)” video left off. After leaving the house, a brokenhearted Keyshia heads out on the highway while venting about her cheating lover.

“Somebody better call the police ’cause I’m feeling kinda crazy right now,” sings Keyshia on the song, which appears on her new album Point of No Return.

Meanwhile, her man (played by Don Benjamin), comes home to discover that she is gone and has left behind a mess. He grabs a bottle of liquor and a gun and contemplates suicide, while the police drive over to his house.

Watch the tragic ending to her love story.

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