/  10.23.2014

In the life of a lyricist, battle rapping is a rite of passage and claiming victory an ultimate affirmation. So, like the legends before them, if up-and-comers want to win they have to partake in a public war of words. Four rappers proved to be up for the challenge when they signed on for Honda’s “16 Bars” series, co-hosted by battle-rap ambassador Poison Pen.

Lotta Zay went head-to-head with Danny Myers, while Real Deal came for Swave Sevah with his comical bars: “You’re wearing a lime green, no-logo shirt / You should be booked by the fashion police.”

The adrenaline-fueled evening capped off with a performance by The Roots’ Black Thought backed by DJ J.

See the hungry MCs put their skills to the test.

Presented by Honda

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