Juvenile Signs Back to Cash Money

Juvenile is going back to where it all started. The New Orleans rapper has resigned with Cash Money Records.

Juve made the announcement in an interview with MTV News. “It’s already done. I signed the paperwork a couple days ago. I’m signed back,” he revealed. “Rich Gang, I’m getting ready to get my little tattoo and everything. It’s all love, man. I’m back.”

This comes as a surprise based on Juve and Cash Money’s rocky past. Juvenile, who used to be in the Hot Boys with Lil Wayne, left the label in 2003, claiming he was not properly compensated.

But both parties have put aside their differences. “Even though we been through what we’ve been through, we older now ’cause we was younger then,” said Birdman. “We grown. We always spoke. Wayne did music with him [2012’s “Picture Perfect”], but we spoke and I just wanted to feel if the time was right we could do it.”

Juvenile released five albums on Cash Money since 1997’s Soulja Rags and scored hits with 1999’s “Back That Azz Up” and 2004’s “Slow Motion,” which went to No. 1 on the Hot 100.

Birdman sees the potential for success once again. He’s already put Juve in the studio with London On Da Track, who produced Rich Gang’s “Lifestyle” and T.I.’s “About the Money.”

“I’m excited about that ’cause I know what I could bring out [of] him,” said the Cash Money boss. “With the platform I have, he could be bigger than he was before.”