New Music: Fall Out Boy f/ Lupe Fiasco – ‘Only the Bulls’

In celebration of the Chicago Bulls new season, Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco join forces to remix the team’s classic song “Only the Bulls.” The Chicago rock band pumps up the crowd, while Lupe puts on for his city on the arena-ready anthem, which can be heard blasting from the speakers at the United Center.

“Feeling flyer than Benny on a trampoline,” says Lupe of the Bulls mascot.

The remix idea came about during the 2013-14 season when the Bulls started playing the original version at home games to celebrate a win.

Before his fifth LP Tetsuo & Youth arrives on January 20, Lupe plans to release his mixtape Lost in the Atlantic. He has already dropped three songs including “Lilies,” “Haile Selassie,” and “Mazinger.”