Flying Lotus Debuts Unreleased Kendrick Lamar Verse

Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar teamed up on “Never Catch Me,” but that’s not the only collaboration they recorded.

TDE’s golden child also contributed a verse to “Eyes Above,” but it didn’t make Flying Lotus’ album You’re Dead! due to politics.

However, Lotus has been playing the Kendrick version at his live shows. During a gig in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, he liberated the K-Dot verse (via MTV News).

“There’s actually another track that he did on this album that I had to take off for political reasons, but it was a really cool thing,” Flying Lotus told Pitchfork of “Eyes Above.” “He came to the house and laid it down and killed it. He didn’t come with no entourage or nothing. It was real special to me.”

He praised the “i” rapper. “I appreciate that space when I can sit with the artist and really see how their genius works, and Kendrick is that guy. He’s a visionary thinker. Every time he raps on a song, he raps like I wish I could.”

Hear K-Dot’s unreleased verse below and catch him on this weekend’s “SNL.”