K. Michelle Praises Drake, Disses Lil’ Kim on ‘The Breakfast Club’

With her sophomore album Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? in stores today, K. Michelle paid a return visit to Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” to dish on Drake and Lil’ Kim.

The Memphis songstress has a song on her album called “Drake Would Love Me.” So what did Drizzy think of the record?

“He said it was crazy. He said it was amazing, and he’s like, ‘I’m honored,'” she told Charlamagne and Angela Yee. “He’s like, ‘You’re crazy as shit, but it’s a great record.”

She was inspired to write the song after speaking with other women, who all happened to love the Canadian rapper. “I was speaking for women and his fans, and how a lot of women feel. I was writing from a fan perspective.”

She gushed about her friendship with Drizzy. “He’s very humble, he’s really talented,” said K. “I never would think he would be that down to earth. He’s sweet, he’s a nice guy.”

But their relationship is strictly platonic. “That’s my friend. We’re not banging.”

However, she had some less than kind words for her former friend Lil’ Kim, who she nicknamed “Plastic Penny.” During her visit to “The Breakfast Club” in September, Kim denied that she asked K. Michelle to be the godmother of her daughter Royal Reign, but K insists she’s telling the truth.

“I swear for crackers and cheese—God strike me down—that girl asked me to be the godmother of her child. And I thought it was awkward myself.”

She added, “Her face is stretched back too tight, it probably affected her brain. I just feel bad for her face. Don’t talk to me until you get your original face back.”

Hear K praise Drake and go off on Lil’ Kim below.