Jeremih and Wale

Video: Wale feat. Jeremih – ‘The Body’

Fresh off his Festivus mixtape release, Wale serenades the smart and sexy women in the video for “The Body” featuring Jeremih. While cruising through the streets of New York in his chauffeured Maybach, a pretty young thing catches the D.C. rapper’s eye. He gets out of the car and flirts with her before asking her out on a date. At dinner, he impresses her with his intellect and charm.

“You’re like a Maybach / Thinkin’ damn, they don’t even make ’em like you no more,” he tells his new boo.

The song is the first single off Wale’s upcoming LP The Album About Nothing, while Jeremih is eyeing a Valentine’s Day release for his oft-delayed album Late Nights.