Rihanna Brings ‘Home’ to ‘GMA’

Rihanna rose bright and early while promoting Home on “Good Morning America” on Friday. Looking pretty in pink, the pop superstar grabbed a seat alongside her co-stars Steve Martin and Jim Parsons, and discussed DreamWorks’ animated film, in which she plays a young girl named Tip.

“I tried to give her a little bit of my personality,” said RiRi. “A little sweet, a little innocent, but she is sassy and she is vibrant, and that’s what I think really connects with the fans. They kinda identify with her. They feel like they recognize her. She’s a little familiar and even the accent comes out a lot of the time as well.”

When asked what she calls home, Rihanna responded, “Barbados will always be home to me, of course. But I pretty much feel like anywhere I could fall asleep.”

They also played a rapid-fire game called “There’s No Place Like Home” where they had to answer questions including favorite childhood book, favorite household gadget, and home away from home.

Plus, Rihanna and her castmates surprised one good Samaritan by bringing the Home premiere to her hometown.

Home opens in theaters on March 27.