Snoop Dogg Joins Hulk Hogan in the Ring on WWE Raw

Snoop Dogg went from Austin for SXSW to WWE Raw on Monday night. The West Coast kingpin got in the ring and challenged wrestler Curtis Axel, who was taunting him on social media.

“So you that clown that’s been poppin’ off on Twitter? Been waiting on you to show up and let me let you know, I’m ready,” said Snoop before introducing Hulk Hogan.

Snoop dragged Axel out of the ring by his neck and tore off his own clothes to reveal a Hulkamania tank top.

“I’m a big kid right now,” said Snoop backstage. “I’m having the time of my life. I’m with my favorite wrestler, the Hulkster.”

Hogan returned the compliment. “That’s from the OG himself. When I got out there and I felt the power of SnoopMania, I felt like I was 18 years old again.”

Watch the two OGs team up and kick ass in the ring.