K Camp

Video: K Camp – ‘Lil Bit’

Fasten your seatbelt. K Camp gets behind the wheel as an Uber driver in the comical video for his new single “Lil Bit.” The Atlanta rapper takes the keys from a driver after his umm, emergency situation, and picks up some freaky ladies (peep the girl-on-girl action), potheads, and even stops at a drive-thru while on his late-night route.

“I think I’m the first one to put Uber in a video like that,” K Camp told Noisey. “That might turn Uber’s stock up. I turnt Lime-a-rita’s stock up, and I didn’t make a fucking cent from it.”

His major-label debut Only Way Is Up is due this year, while Chris Brown can be heard on the remix to “Lil Bit.”

Sit back and take a ride with King Slum.