Tyler, the Creator Brings the Noise to Coachella

It’s been a massive week for Tyler, The Creator. His Golf Media app launched in tandem with the announcement that his third studio album Cherry Bomb will be arriving on Monday. On Saturday night, the Odd Future frontman returned to Coachella to headline his first solo set following Odd Future’s debut in 2011.

Earlier in the day, the Golf Wang kingpin posted a photo of himself with the caption: “I AM VERY NERVOUS.” But he showed no signs of apprehension as he hit the stage, decorated in an oversized yellow and blue bedroom setting. He was, however, wearing his pink Cherry Bomb mask.

“What the f**k is up, Coachella?” he asked, peeling his mask off while jokingly shouting out Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. He explained to the crowd, “I’ve got 49 minutes with you muthaf**kers. Is it cool if I jump and yell with you muthaf**kers?” and then asked the sea of festivalgoers to put their phones away.

Tyler got right to it, blasting off with his new single “Deathcamp” off Cherry Bomb, but followed immediately with his classic cuts. He breezed through tracks off his debut album Goblin, like “Tron Cat,” plus cuts from his 2013 follow-up Wolf, including “Jamba,” “Domo 23,” and his breakup anthem “IFHY.”

A true showman, Tyler brought his signature antics to Indio (with hype man Jasper and DJ, Taco), as he galloped around the stage demanding feedback. He didn’t have to beg too hard: Odd Future fans bring the ruckus, and that’s just what happened. Audience interaction was heavy: from Tyler asking for a bottle of water (a fan threw one on stage and Tyler threw it right back) to getting thrown a box of Waffle Crisp (he kept that) and telling Kendall Jenner “F**k you.” He even scolded Coachella for letting “old ass” photographers in to shoot his set, yet he wasn’t allowed to have his own videographer present.

The crowd reached pandemonium when “Yonkers” rolled around and maintained as Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis hit the stage to assist on “Rella.” Things slowed down as Tyler asked the crowd for permission to sing before gliding into another Cherry Bomb track, “Fucking Young.”

With only a few minutes left, Tyler closed with the ultra-hyper “Tamale,” took a selfie, and then he was gone.

Tyler, the Creator will launch a world tour through North America, Europe, and Asia in support of Cherry Bomb.

—Kathy Iandoli

Tyler, the Creator Coachella Set List

“Tron Cat”
“Domo 23”
“Fucking Young”