I Took a Pill in Ibiza

New Music: Mike Posner – ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’

Mike Posner returns from hiatus with his introspective new song “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.” The “Cooler Than Me” singer trades the hip-hop beats for a stripped-down sound on the somber song, on which he tells a cautionary tale about fame.

“I took a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii I was cool,” he sings before warning others not to follow in his footsteps: “You don’t ever want to step off that roller coaster and be all alone.”

The truthful song was inspired by his personal experiences. “It’s not the job of the art to accommodate me and make me more money, make me more famous and get me more girls,” he told The Huffington Post. “I think I was in that mindset after ‘Cooler Than Me’ came out. I started getting some of those things, and I thought, ‘How about if I get more?’ I think for a period of time I did think art was there to serve me, but it took me a minute to reset.”

The Detroit crooner recorded two albums for RCA Records that were scrapped, and is now signed to Island Records where he will release his next album later this year.