Kendrick Lamar Reveals Superhero Alter Ego Hardbody

If Kendrick Lamar was a superhero, what would his name be? In an interview with Mass Appeal, K-Dot has revealed his alter ego named Hardbody.

But forget the cape. He would be so slick that he wouldn’t even need a uniform. “That’s the catch. It’s whatever the environment he’s in, he chameleons into that environment,” explained K-Dot. “No mask, no nothing. You don’t see him coming.”

His super strength would be love, which he would use to combat hate in the streets and the corporate world, and eventually cause a chain effect. “His energy builds up to the next man and builds up all the way around the world.”

And don’t expect him to drive a Batmobile. “He might pull up in a Pinto, a two-door Honda or something like that,” he said. “Or if he’s in a prestige spot, he might pull up in a Beemer.”

His arch-enemy would be a woman named Lucy, who is actually the devil Lucifer in disguise. “She’s seductive, she seduces everybody,” he said. “You think you fell in love, but once you walk out, it’s nothing but negative attention around.”

Kendrick Hardbody also graces the cover of Mass Appeal.

Kendrick Lamar