Stream Snoop Dogg’s Album ‘BUSH’

Snoop Dogg has gone through several reincarnations including Snoop Lion and Snoopzilla. But on May 12, he returns to being just Snoop Dogg with his 13th album BUSH. Thanks to iTunes Radio, you can get a first listen to the project a week before its release.

The 10 tracks, executive produced by Pharrell Williams, feature the Charlie Wilson-assisted singles “Peaches N Cream” and “So Many Pros.”

Stevie Wonder guests on “California Roll,” T.I. appears on “Edibles,” Gwen Stefani duets with Snoop on “Run Away,” and Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross lend their talents to “I’m Ya Dogg.”

“It’s completely different than anything we’ve ever done. It feels good, sounds good, looks good,” Snoop told MTV News.

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BUSH Tracklisting

1. “California Roll” feat. Stevie Wonder
2. “This City”
3. “R U a Freak”
4. “Awake”
5. “So Many Pros”
6. “Peaches N Cream” feat. Charlie Wilson
7. “Edibles” feat. T.I.
8. “I Knew That”
9. “Run Away” feat. Gwen Stefani
10. “I’m Ya Dogg” feat. Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross