The Game vs. Young Thug

The Game Threatens Young Thug: ‘I Will F**k You Up’

Lil Wayne isn’t the only one feeling some type of way about Young Thug. The Game has come to Weezy’s defense and ignited a new beef.

During a show in New Orleans on Tuesday night, the Compton MC blasted the Barter 6 rapper. “My ni**a Tune ain’t never been Hollywood. He’s just been Hollygrove, ni**a,” he told the crowd. “Anybody fucking with Tune, gotta fucking problem with me. I will fuck Young Thug up. I’m a Piru, ni**a. Westside, ni**a.”

He didn’t stop there. He also dared Young Thug to come to the West Coast and diss Weezy. “I dare a pussy ni**a walk through California and say, ‘Fuck Wayne.’ I’ma do a ni**a like I did 40 Glocc. And if a ni**a want a problem, a ni**a gon’ get his ass smoked.”

#TheGame talking about #lilwayne and #youngthug #video #pressplay 👀

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#TheGame talking about #youngthug and #40glocc in #NewOrleans last night #lilwayne #video #pressplay

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Thugger fired back on Instagram with his own threats, while a member of his crew toted a gun. “You used to be a Crip, now you a Blood. So I don’t want no smoke with you, ni**a. You got Bloods and Crips on your team. And you was a male stripper once before so I don’t want to fight you. I don’t want no germs from you, pussy ni**a. And you know I’m in L.A. more than Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor, fuck ni**a.”

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Game responded yet again in an Instagram video shot in his bedroom. “I just seen your little video, you ho ass ni**a. You paint your nails like a fucking girl, you call your ni**as bae, and you a ho ass ni**a. Keep fuckin’ around, ni**as gon’ drive by that nail shop and light that motherfucker up.”