Video: Elijah Blake feat. DeJ Loaf – ‘I Just Wanna…’

With his album out next month, Elijah Blake returns to his dance roots in the Mike Ho-directed video for “I Just Wanna…” featuring DeJ Loaf. The R&B singer-songwriter is at the sneaker store with his homeboys (look for a cameo from Don Benjamin) when he runs into his love interest. He wins her over with his slick moves, and later meets up with DeJ at an underground party.

“When I first got my deal.. The big question was should I dance or not dance,” said Blake. “On one hand I didn’t want it to distract from the message in my music but on the other hand I had inspirational peers like Ciara, Kelly, & Ush who watched me mess around in the studio and encouraged me to not abandon my dance roots… I definitely didn’t wanna stray from what made me want to perform in the first place .. Especially since I attended performing arts school all my life. Now I’m just doing me and going back to my basics.”

Look for the song on his debut Shadows & Diamonds, due June 23.