Mike Posner

New Music: Mike Posner - 'The Voice of the Unheard'

  /  05.22.2015

In response to the killings of unnarmed black men by police officers, Mike Posner uses his voice to speak out against the injustices on “The Voice of the Unheard.” Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., the Finally Famous crooner sings about staging a peaceful protest.

“We won’t fight with guns because the enemy does that / But we’ll fight with our hearts / And fight with our words.”

He also penned a letter on his blog called “What I’ve Learned About Being Black in America,” in which he recalls growing up in Detroit with mostly black male friends. However, he doesn’t attempt to understand what they’re going through.

“We have no idea what it’s like to be black in America,” says Posner, who is now signed to Island Records where he will release his next album later this year.

Hear his touching tribute below.

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