Tyler, the Creator Talks About Being Fired From Starbucks

Tyler, the Creator brought the laughs when he made his first appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday. After making a dramatic entrance, the Odd Future leader grabbed a seat on the couch and spoke about the MySpace origins of his name.

When asked if he has his own religion, he joked, “Not yet… I’ve been trying to start a cult and I failed.”

He also spoke about his previous jobs at Starbucks and FedEx. He stole cheese danishes while working at Starbucks for two-and-a-half years, but was eventually fired by a new manager named Cindy. “I hope she’s watching ’cause I still hate her,” he said.

He called his mother before being fired and she was planning to sue Starbucks. “We figured out they did nothing wrong,” he said. “I manned up and said I’ll get fired and I ate like three cheese danishes.”

Plus, he plugged all the features of his Golf Media app (he may even upload a sex tape one day) and kissed the Matt LeBlanc tattoo on Guillermo’s stomach.