Amy Winehouse

Watch Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson Record 'Back to Black'

  /  07.08.2015

The Amy Winehouse documentary Amy opens in theaters Friday, but a new clip from the film sheds light into the immense talent that was lost. The British songstress is seen singing her hit “Back to Black” acapella in a New York studio during a March 2006 recording session with producer Mark Ronson.

“I had these feelings, these words floating around in me,” says Winehouse. “When you write a song, you have to remember how you felt. You might have to remember what the weather was like. You might have to remember what his neck smelled like. You have to remember all of it.”

According to Ronson, it only took two to three hours for Winehouse to finish the song. “It was just one of those serendipitous things. I just caught her at that magic moment, and she was just ready to get it going,” he says. “That’s why I couldn’t understand what everyone else was saying about this procrastinating, troubled artist.”

While some close to Winehouse have criticized Amy, Ronson praised the film. “The really respectful thing about the movie is you are reminded why she was famous in the first place—she was a genius, that’s the stuff even I can forget,” Ronson tells Rolling Stone. “I forget that when I played her the piano chords to ‘Back to Black,’ she wrote the lyrics in an hour. I was blown away; people just don’t write lyrics like that any more.”

Watch the genius at work.


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