Fantasia Marries Kendall Taylor

Fantasia has found love. Over the weekend, the R&B songstress married her fiancé Kendall Taylor, and took to Instagram to share details.

The 31-year-old “American Idol” champ posted photos from the romantic reception, which took place on a yacht—one photo showed her place settings decorated with her red, black, and white color scheme, another showed Fantasia surrounded by falling rose petals, and several more featured her posing with her new husband.

During the pre-reception, the bride wore a Black Swan-inspired gown and changed into a lacy white dress for the ceremony.

She also gushed about marrying the man of her dreams, who is the CEO of a courier company. “This Man … God made him just for Me and me Just For Him,” she said. “This Man.. Covers and prays for me and my children EVERY morning.. This Man.. Loves My Father in Heaven and his name is God.. This Man allows me to just be a woman.. No more Hurt because King Kendall will never let that happen.. I’m off to just kiss, Hug and play in some water with This Man…Real Love.”

The couple got engaged in November of last year. Fantasia has a three-and-a-half-year-old son, Dallas Xavier Barrino, and teenage daughter, Zion, from previous relationships.

See more photos from Fantasia’s big day below.