Nicki Minaj Brings Out Lil Wayne in Brooklyn

Nicki Minaj’s “Pinkprint Tour” stopped by Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Sunday night (July 26), and it brought a whole lot of excitement with it. First, concertgoers got to see Meek Mill, Nicki’s boyfriend, air out Drake on stage—Meek made several pointed comments about Drake’s use of ghostwriters, in the wake of Drake’s “Charged Up” diss track.

But that wasn’t all—the real fireworks came when Nicki brought out her Young Money labelmate Lil Wayne for a surprise performance. Weezy livened up the huge crowd, performing his verse from Chris Brown’s “Loyal.”

“Make some noise for the man who changed my life,” gushed Nicki while bowing to her mentor. “Ain’t nobody fu**in’ with you. I don’t care how long I’ve been in this game. I think you are the best rapper alive.”

Weezy responded, saying, “I want to agree with her, but there is a certain person by the name of Nicki Minaj who be kicking my ass.”

He then proceeded to perform “Glory,” “A Milli,” and “6 Foot, 7 Foot,” per Nicki’s request.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t understand what it means for me to stand on the side of that stage and watch her say her lines, and put her microphone down and you guys complete that,” said a proud Wayne. “I saw this way before she even thought it was possible, so please make some noise for my vision.”

Watch the Young Money reunion below.