Jaden Smith

Video: Jaden Smith – ‘Scarface’

Jaden Smith isn’t one for big promotional rollouts and longwinded explanations—when he drops new music it typically just appears on his cryptic website 490tx. Such is the case of a new song, which Complex reports is most likely titled “Scarface.” Over spare, percussive production Jaden lets loose a series of vague, mystical bars about the past, the future, and having his “jewelry on purposely.”

In the video, cloaked figures scamper around a dimly-lit estate, while Jaden sits on ledges and leaps over walls. The whole thing feels a bit like a cross between Assassin’s Creed and Twin Peaks. The song ends dramatically, as Jaden repeats “the government will not be killing me, no, the government will not be”—suddenly a shot rings out, and he disappears from view.

Check out the dark and eery video, directed by Moisés Arias.