Video: dumblonde – ‘dreamsicle’

In the wake of Danity Kane’s failed reunion, Dawn Richard returned to her solo career and Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex have formed a new dance-pop duo called dumblonde. After debuting a video for “white lightning” earlier this month, the two continue to showcase their new sound in the video for “dreamsicle.” The kaleidoscopic clip, directed by Alfredo Flores, showcases the blonde bombshells against colorful backdrops.

The song, co-written by Aubrey’s ex-boyfriend Travis Garland and songwriter Hailey Steele, can be found on their self-titled debut, which will be released independently on Sept. 25.

“We started out this project knowing that visually we wanted to create a different story behind each song,” Aubrey tells Billboard. “Each video is in a different stylistic format that, when combined, create the full picture of the many facets that create ‘dumblonde.'”

Watch them bring their dreams to fruition.