Video: Fabolous – ‘Gone for the Winter’

Fabolous looks back in order to go forward on “Gone for the Winter” featuring Velous. The Brooklyn MC stays on his ’90s swag in the video for the Nas-sampled song, which can be found on last year’s album The Young OG Project.

Loso takes inspiration from Tupac’s character Roland Bishop in 1992’s Juice, recalling his glory days of broad daylight bodega robberies and time spent being interrogated by the police. It has a melancholy tone—rather than glorifying violence, we see moments of fear and reflection in between hold-ups and beatdowns. There’s nothing flashy about the dimly-lit rooms and back alleys where it takes place. At the end, Fabolous ascends—we see him rapping from the clouds.

Watch the contemplative clip below.